A man and a woman get married in Arkansas

They have a big wedding with both their family’s in attendance. They say their vows and ride off in a car on their way to their honeymoon. They get on a plane and fly to Cancun, booking a hotel for their stay. They prepare to spend the night consummating their love for one another, but then the woman says

“Honey, before we start, I’ve got something to tell you… I’m a virgin!”

The man tears up, and begins shouting angrily. He grabs his things and catches the first flight back to Arkansas, leaving her there.

After arriving back home, his dad is surprised and asks “Son, why are you here and not with your new wife? What happened?!”

The man explains to his father what his new bride had told him and the father pats his son on the back and says

” You did the right thing, son. Tomorrow, we’ll go to the courthouse and have this marriage annulled. By god, If she’s not good enough for HER family, she sure as hell isn’t good enough for OURS!”

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