A magician joke

A magician on a cruise ship is starting his routine, in the audience is the captain and his pet parrot.

During his routine, the magician pulls a quarter out of a kids ear. The bird flaps around his cage and says “It was in his hand”

Agitated, but not discouraged, the magician continues. He makes flowers appear from nowhere. Again, the parrot announces “Wire up the sleeve!”

The magician stops and says “Listen here, bird, if you don’t stay quiet I’m going to shoot you” the parrot sits quietly

Then towards the end of his act the magician makes his hat disappear. The parrot squawks loudly “It’s in his back pocket!” Now furious, the magician pulls a gun out and fires once at the parrot. He misses and it ricochets all the way down to the engine room and blows up the ship. The only survivors are the parrot and the magician.

Three days pass and they say nothing to each other. On the fourth day the parrot looks at the magician and says “Ok, I give up. Where’s the ship?”

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