A lizard in the jungle is trying to get high…

So he walks around looking for some pot. Suddenly he catches a whiff of some dank. So he follows the smell to a tree where he sees a monkey getting stoned.

He shouts “Hey monkey, you mind if I smoke some of your weed with you?”

Monkey says “sure come on up lizard I’ll smoke you out”

They start smoking and sure enough lizard has had enough and says to monkey “daaamn monkey that was some good weed but my mouth is really dry, you got something I can drink?”

Monkey says “no but there’s a stream outback you can drink from.”

So lizard climbs down and heads to the stream and starts drinking some water when an alligator swims by and noticed the lizard

Alligator says to lizard “damn bro you look high as hell, you got some weed?”

Lizard says “nah bro but if you go over there to that tree, monkey will share some weed with you”

So alligator walks over to the tree and bangs his tail on the tree to call for monkey.

Monkey looks down and says “daaaaaamn lizard, how much water did you drink!”

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