A little boy is hanging out with his older brother and friends…

And he hears them use the words penis and vagina. So he goes to his mother later and asks, “Mom, what does penis and vagina mean?”

The mother replies, “Oh! Well son, penis is kind of like a hat, and vagina is like a coat.”

Later that night, he hears his parents in an argument, calling each other bitch and bastard. The next day, he asks his father, “Dad, what is bitch and bastard?”

“Well son,” the father replies, “bitch Is a word like lady, and bastard is like a gentleman.”

A few days later, Thanksgiving day comes, and everyone is getting ready. The boy passes by his dad shaving in the bathroom, who cuts himself and exclaimed, “shit!”

So the boy asks, “Dad, what does shit mean?”

And the father simply says, “Oh, that’s just the type of shaving cream I use.”

The boy then passes by the kitchen, where his mother is carving the turkey, who also cuts herself with the knife saying, “Fuck!”

And again, the boy asks, “Mom, what is fuck?”

“Oh,” she says, “That’s just the type of way I carve the turkey every year.”

Not long after the guests arrive, and they tell the boy to answer the door. He opens it saying, “Hello bitches and bastards, come in and relax while I take your penises and vaginas, right now my dad is in the bathroom scraping the shit off his face and my mom is in the kitchen fucking the turkey.”

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