A lion and his wife where sitting around one morning when a fox came by

… and started cursing “Fuck the lion, king of the jungle my ass, fuck this fuck that…” and then ran off, the lioness looks at the lion and says : “aren’t you going to do something?!” and the lion said: “Just leave him alone”

The next morning same thing happens, and the lioness asks the lion to do something but yet again tells her to forget it.

This happens a few times and the lioness gets tired of this and tells the lion: “if you won’t do something i will!”

Sure enough here come the fox but before he could say anything the lioness began chasing him across the jungle.

He goes across the river, the lioness is chasing him, he jumps from a cliff, the lioness jumps after him, he enters a tight cave, the lioness gets stuck, he comes out of the other end, go around and fuck the lioness before storming off.

After a struggle she was able to free herself and walked back with her head down full of shame, when he lion sees her he says: “I told you to leave him alone”

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