A lawyer, a priest and a schoolboy were sitting side by side on a plane.

Suddenly, they watched as one by one, the engines stopped working as the ash from the volcano they flew over clogged them.

The pilot announced sadly, “There’s not a damn thing we can do. We’re going to crash. Thank you for flying with us.”

While everyone was panicking, the three went to the back of the plane and found two parachutes.

The lawyer said, “I’m the best educated man in the world, so I should have a parachute.” He took the first parachute and jumped.

The priest looked over the boy and reflected on his life. He said “Kid, you take the last parachute. With any luck, I’ll see our lord and saviour Jesus Christ soon.”

The kid said “No, you take the second parachute. The best educated man in the world just jumped out with my school bag.”

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