A large apartment building is on fire, and people are trapped…

The first firefighters on scene notice that a couple is in a window 10 stories up, frantically waving their arms. They have a baby, and the smoke and fire is getting thick. The firefighters know that their ladder can’t reach that high, and desperately try to come up with a plan.

A bystander, seeing this predicament, runs down the block to a house he knows. In this house lives John McCoy, one of the greatest NFL receivers to ever play the game. They run back to the fire, and John positions himself below the building.

The parents throw the baby. As the baby flies through the air, everybody watches. John lines up for the catch. He finds himself flashing back to the Superbowl, when he caught the game winning touchdown. He see’s the baby coming, and with one smooth motion he safely catches the baby.

The crowd goes wild, the firefighters applaud, and John, never one to shy from the spotlight, immediately spikes the baby and does a celebratory dance.

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