A kid is throwing rocks at a can in a park

He misses the first shot and says: “Fuck, I missed!”

The priest from a church that is right in front of the park hears him, walks up to him and says: “Son, you must not curse or God will punish you…”

The kid doesn’t listen to him and replies: “Yeah, whatever”

He keeps on throwing the little rocks at the can and he misses again, so he says: “Fuck, I missed!”

The priest approaches him again and says: “Son, I told you, you must not say bad words, or God will punish you…”

“Yeah, whatever” replies the kid.

He continues to throw the rocks and he misses once again: “Fuck, I missed!”

The priest is approaching him again, when all of the sudden, the sky turns black and a giant storm appears.

“I told you God would punish you!”

And then, a lightning strikes the priest in the head and reduces him to ashes.

Then God says: “Fuck, I missed!”

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