A kid got a day off from his class and decided to call his grandpa

Kid: Hey Grandpa, I got a day off from school tomorrow. My teacher said that she is busy tomorrow, and allows us to take a day off. Can you take me to the zoo please?

His Grandpa agreed. As a manager of a company, he called up his secretary and said: “Hey, I will take a day off tomorrow to take my grandson to the zoo. This means you can take a day off tomorrow as well”

The secretary is happy about her day off, and decided to call her husband: “Darling, I got a day off tomorrow. That means we can spend a day at home together!”

Her husband said: “Great news, honey!”. However, deep inside, the husband wasn’t really happy about her day off. This is because he is actually cheating on his wife, and wants to invite his mistress to their house while his wife is at work.

After finishing the call, the husband immediately called his mistress and said: “Babe, my wife is at home tomorrow. Looks like we gotta cancel the plan”.

The girl sighed reluctantly. After finishing the call with the secretary’s husband, she immediately contacted her class, and said that all students will go back to school tomorrow.

The kid received the message and then unhappily told his grandpa: “Grandpa, I gotta go back to school tomorrow again. My teacher suddenly canceled her plan!”

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