A Kid Comes Home From School

He tells his father his mathematics teacher wants to see him. His father asks why and kid says “well he asked me what is 6×7 and i said 42 then he asked me what is 7×6 and i said what the fuck is the difference?” his father says “ok i will visit your teacher when i have time.”.

Next day he asks his father if he talked with his teacher. Dad says “not yet.”. Then kid says “When you come to my schools visit my P.E teacher too.”. His father asks “what happened?” Kid says ” He wanted me to raise my left arm and i did, then he wanted me to raise my right arm and i did, then he wanted me to raise my left leg i did that too but then he told me to raise my right leg and i said what am i going to stand on? my dick?”. His dad says “ok son i will give him a visit too”.

Next day kid says his dad “dad have you visited my teachers?”. Dad says “not yet.”. Kid says “there is no need to anymore i got expelled.” dad “why did you expelled?”. Kid tells “They called me to principals office there were my mathematics teacher, my P.E teacher and my history teacher.” Dad asks ” What the fuck was your history teacher doing there?”

and kid says “Yeah i asked the same.”.

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