A kid asks her crush out to the prom and she says yes. So he really wants to impress

He wants to buy her some nice flowers, rent a tuxedo, and a limo.

So he goes to the flower store and there’s a really long flower line. He waits for hours and finally gets to the desk and buys the flowers

He then goes to the tuxedo store and, again, there’s a really long tuxedo line. He stands in line for about an hour and a half and get to the end. He finally rents his tuxedo.

Lastly, he makes a stop at the limo and, surprise surprise: there’s a long limo line. He sticks with it because he really wants to impress his date and finally rents his limo after a couple hours.

So now it’s the date of the dance and he pulls up in a stretch limo to pick up his date.

She’s blown away by all the effort he put in for their date. She loves the flowers, she thinks he looks really handsome in his tuxedo, and finds the flowers to be beautiful.

So now they’re at the prom, dancing, and having a good time until she gets thirsty.

“Hey, babe. Do you mind going over to the punch table to get me something to drink?”

“Sure! No problem, love.”

He walks over to the punch bowl and there’s no punchline

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