A joke my grandfather told me

As you may know, many small churches in England have bell towers. Well, the bellringer for one such church, upon reaching retirement age, quit his position, leaving a job opening. Unfortunately, the demand for such a job was low and the bellringer position remained empty for several weeks. Eventually, a man walked into the priest’s office and told him that he wanted to apply for the job. “But,” said the priest, “you don’t have any arms!”

“That’s alright,” replied the man, “I can use my forehead – I was a bellringer for many years before I moved to this parish.”

Desperate for the position to be filled, the priest accepted the man’s application. The man was indeed a fine bellringer and the jolly tones of the great bell rang every Sunday without fail. Tragically, one morning, the bellringer slipped and fell down the tower, plummeting to his death below. The police were called in, and they asked the priest if he and the bellringer were close. The priest replied: “Not particularly, but his face sure rings a bell.”

In a fortunate twist, the dead man’s identical twin brother also had experience ringing church bells, so the priest hired him to fill the void. However, he was was tolling the bell one morning when the tower was struck by lightning, fatally electrocuting him. Again, the police questioned the priest as to whether he and the dead man had been friends.

“No,” the priest said, “but he was a dead ringer for his brother.”

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