A joke my granddad once told me.

I always loved this one, my granddad told it to me years ago. Still one of my favourites.

An elderly woman wakes one morning and looks out of her bedroom window. Across the road she sees two men from the local council office slowly making their way up the grassy embankment at the side of the road.

The man in front starts to dig a hole in the embankment and after some time moves forward and begins digging another hole. The second man then proceeds to immediately fill in the hole which the first man had only just finished digging. Perplexed by the odd behaviour of the men, the old woman continues to watch them to see if they will do the same with the next hole.

Surely enough, the men from the council continue this pattern for a good 30 minutes before the old woman, agitated with confusion and curiosity; decides it’s time to find out what the men are doing.

“Excuse me young man, what on earth is the point of this, what are you doing?” Says the old woman, “The point?” Says the first man, “The point is to improve the appearance of the roads in this area, to give them a more natural look”.

“Natural?” Exclaims the woman, “How exactly does this make the road look more natural? All you’re doing is digging holes and then filling them in again!”, the two men exchange a disheartened glance before the second man yells “Well it normally looks better, but the fella who plants the trees is off today!”

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