A joke my dad told me

Five men went out to the woods to gather some berries. After they finished gathering they didnt know if the berries were poisonous or not. So they decided to give one to the dog to see what would happen. As soon as the dog ate the berry it ran inte the forest and one of them was told to run after it to see what would happen. The man and the dog were away for a long time and the others started to get impatient and hungry so they started eating the berries anyway. When the man came back they asked him what happened to the dog, and he told them it died. They all panicked and spit out the berries. But then the man that ran after the dog started to eat the berries himself. They were all confused and asked him why he was eating the berries if the dog died from them. And he responded “Well the dog got run over by a car’.

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