A joke I’ve heard growing up in Minnesota

Sven is a young man who recently married. A few months in, he’s having trouble in the relationship and fighting with his wife more and more. Desparate to improve his relationship with his wife, he goes to talk to Ole.

“Ole,” says Sven, “you’ve been married for 48 years now, but I’ve been married less than a year, and I’m already afraid I’ll get divorced. How do you do it?”

Ole responds, “It’s all about doing things for each other, dontcha know?”

“Ya sure, but I’m still not sure what you mean”, says Sven. “What was it that you did for her?”

“Well,” replies Ole, “For our tenth anniversary I bought us a cabin up north”, so we could go there when she wanted. And for our twenty-fifth anniversary, I took her to Norway. Does that make sense?”

“You betcha!” Exclaims Sven, feeling much more sure of what to do. After thinking for a minute, he asks

“And Ole, in just two years you’ll have your 50th anniversary. Surely you must have bigger plans for then?”

“Why of course! I already told you that I took her to Norway. Well, for our 50th anniversary, I’m going to go back and bring her home!”

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