A Jewish pilot and Chinese pilot are flying together for the 1st time.

An hour into the flight, the Jewish pilot says to his Chinese counterpart “I don’t like the Chinese.”

Stunned, the Chinese pilot replies “Why don’t you like the Chinese?”

“Well” says the Jew, “the Chinese bombed Pearl Harbor.”

Even more stunned, he replies ”The Chinese didn’t bomb Pearl Harbor! It was the Japanese!”

“Well, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, they’re all the same to me.” says the Jew.

The Chinese pilot is seething at this, and after a while he turns to his Jewish counterpart to say “I don’t like the Jews.”

“What?” asks the Jew. “Why don’t you like Jews?”

“Well” he says, “The Jews sank the Titanic.”

The Jewish pilot scoffs at this, “The Jews didn’t sink the Titanic! An Iceberg sank the Titanic!”

“Well” he replies, “Iceberg, Goldberg, Rosenberg, they’re all the same to me.”

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