A Jew, muslim and Christian come up with a plot to rob the kings treasury.

At the moment of entry the guard dog barks and they all get caught.

The guards take all three man straight to the king to meet their fate.

Extremely angry the king decides to punish the men by ordering them each 20 lashes to the back.

They are hauled to the punishment chamber to receive their 20 lashes.

Christian man happens to be first in line and naturally scared he pisses his pants. The punisher sees this and cant help but have a little sympathy.

The punisher tells the Christian man its okay and that even though he is the punisher he in fact really hates his job.

Trying to calm the Christian man the punisher offers him anything he needs in order to make the 20 lashes easier on him.

The Christian man happily asks to have a pillow strapped to his back. His wish is granted.

The punisher lets loose with his whip and on the 15 strike the pillow rips open and flys off. The Christian man revives 5 straight lashes to his back and moves aside.

The Jew is next and is offered the same deal. Being a smart Jew he immediately responds and asks for 2 pillows. His wish also is granted.

18 lashes to his back and both pillows rip open and fly off. He gets 2 strikes on his back and collapses in paint before he is hauled aside.

The muslim man being next starts crying right away. When asked by the punisher why he is crying? The muslim answers saying how he regrets his crime because of the severity of his sin to rob someone. And he feels worthless because he thinks 20 lashes are not enough for his crime and asks for a increase to a 100 lashes so he can learn his lesson.

The punisher being extremely surprised at the muslim mans honesty and sense of remorse says 100 lashes it is you honest muslim. Now what can I do to help make such monumental punishment easier on you as I did to the Christian and Jew before you.

The Muslim man politely asks to have the Jew tied to his back.

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