A husband and wife were in a shipwreck and ended up on a desert island…

After a few months of isolation, the man and woman noticed a raft bobbing in the waves. When the raft landed, a man emerged, yet another victim of a shipwreck. The man and woman welcome the newcomer.

“We’ve made things as comfortable for us as we can”, the man told the new guy. “We have a shelter, tools, plenty of fruit and wild animals to eat. We’ve even built a watch tower to watch for passing ships. In fact, having a 3rd person here will greatly help with watchtower shifts. Why don’t you take first shift?”

The new guy climbs the tower and starts scanning the horizon. Soon, he looks down at the couple and yells, “Hey! No fucking!”

“We’re not. We are cleaning fish!” They reply.

A little while later, from the watchtower they hear, “Hey! Stop fucking down there!”

“We are only chopping firewood!” The couple reply.

By and by, from the watchtower again, “Hey! I thought y’all weren’t fucking!”

“We aren’t!”, they yell. “We are sharpening sticks!”

After a time, the husband of the couple climbs the tower. “Alright, new guy. Get some rest. I’ll take over from here.”

The new guy climbs down. After awhile, the husband looks down. “Ha… It DOES look like they’re fucking from up here!”

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