A husband and wife are having breakfast

The wife asks him: ‘Honey could you take a look at the bathroom door, it seems a little stuck’

‘Do I look like a carpenter?’

‘And the toilet is also clogged.. i’d take a look at that as well’

‘Do I look like a plumber?’

‘Oh and theres a tile loose on our kitchen floor’

‘Do I look like a tiler?’

The next evening, the husband comes home from work.

The wife tells him: ‘Honey everything’s been fixed! Mr Adams from across the street offered to help.’

‘Oh, that’s nice. Did he ask anything in return?’

‘Well I could choose. Bake him a pie or sleep with him’

The husband laughs and responds: ‘I hope you baked him a nice pie’

‘Do I look like a baker?’

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