A hitchhiker in the mountains

A guy is driving a serpentine road in Polish mountains. He sees a local waving at him to get a hitch, so he stops. The guy — a 2 metre tall, muscular guy pulls his ciupaga (shepherd’s axe) from his belt and growls:

— Masturbate!

The guy is confused, but he obliges and quickly completes the task. But the guy roars at him again.

— Masturbate!

This time it takes longer for him, but again, he jerks to completion. The highlander, however still threatens him with the axe and only yells

— Masturbate!

After 10th climax the guy’s dick is sore, his hand hurts and he thinks there is no way he could do it again. So he moans:

— Sir! Kill me if you have to, but I swear, I can’t do it anymore. — Maryna! — the highlander yells, as his young and attractive daughter approaches — this gentleman will take you to Zakopane now.

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