A head goes in to a bar

A head goes in to a bar to celebrate his 18th birthday with his father who buys him his first beer. Several seconds later he grows a torso.

Bewildered by this amazing revelation his father encourages him to drink another beer, he downs it and he grows an arm!

A small group of punters have gathered round him by now and are egging him on to keep drinking, they are in awe at this miracle that beholds them.

And so he does, on his third pint he grows another arm. The head is overjoyed, “I must keep drinking” he thinks.

After drinking pints four and five he grows two legs. Feeling very drunk he runs around the place and everyone cheers with delight.

He runs outside, feeling the warmth between his toes and is hit by a bus and killed.

He should have quit whilst he was a head.

Edit: spelling/grammar

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