A guy with no arms walks into a church

and goes up to a priest. He says “Im here about the bell ringing job you have advertised?” The priest looks a little puzzled but says sure, lets go up the tower and you can give it a go. They get to the top and the priest says “okay show me how you do it?” The man takes a few steps back and runs headfirst into the bell and it chimes quietly. The priest says “im afraid thats not loud enough” So the man takes a few more steps back and tries again but this time its only a little louder. The man begs for one more go and he leans right back against the edge of the bell tower before running forward but this time he misses and goes flying over the edge to his death. A crowd gathers below and one onlooker says to another “Do you know this man?” The other replies “No, but his face rings a bell”.

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