A guy wins the lottery. So he decides to live his life like rich people. What does rich people do ? They play golf, so he goes to a country club to play golf.

He didnt know anything about golf. Didnt bring a caddie . After an hour of struggling/playing, he gets lost. Didnt see anyone until finally he sees a girl and asks her.. “ Sorry, to bother you, but I dont know where I am, could you tell me ?”.... “Sure, you are in the 5th hole, Im in the 6th, so you are one hole behind me”... “Thanks”..... One hour later, he has decided golf is not his thing, too boring, etc. Again he gets lost. Can’t find anyone. A few minutes later, he sees the same girl, and asks her “ Sorry to bother you again. Im new here. I think I got lost, could you tell me where I am?”.... “ Sir, I told you before, you are one hole behind me. Im on the 13th, youre on the 12”.. “Thank you so much”…… A third time he gets lost, and he couldn’t believe his luck, when he sees the same girl, this time he was really embarrassed, but he didn’t have any option. He asks,, and she replies..” Im on the 17th . You`re one hole behind me, on the 16th”…….

Finally he finishes his round and decides to go get a drink. In the clubhouse, he sees the girl, goes up to her, and asks to buy her a drink, for helping him out. She accepted. After a few drinks, he asks her

..” What do you do for a living?”…. “ I’d rather not tell. Its a little embarrassing. Every time I tell my line of work, people start laughing at me”.. “ Don’t worry, you can tell me, Im very respectful. I promise I wont laugh”… After pleading for a while, he finally convinces her to tell, what does she do ….. “ I work selling tampons”… He immediately fell to the floor laughing hysterically. She said “ You idiot. You promised you wouldn’t laugh “.. “Im sorry, I couldn’t help it. I work selling toilet paper, Im still one hole behind you”

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