A guy walks into a sandwich shop

A guy walks into a sandwich shop in Paris. The guy working there looks at him funny for a minute, and then asks “Hey, weren’t you in my company in the Marines?” “I thought you looked familiar too! Yes, I was indeed. Great seeing you after all these years” he replies. So they chit chatted for a bit. After a couple of minutes the guy asks “wait, what are you doing in Paris?” So the sandwich guy tells him his story. “Whoa! Never knew you were a half-frenchie!” The guy then starts talking in a ridiculous French accent: “oh oh! I am ze baguette! Le victory is mine” ho ho”. The sandwich guy, getting tired of this, stops him and asks “well what do you want in your sandwich?” “I eat ze thirty centimeter wiz ze bread zet iz yellow” “That’s the flat bread” “Oui, le flat bread” “I want ze sauce zat iz white and a creamy!” “Mayonnaise..?” “Oui! Le mayonnaise!” The guy keeps taking like a retarded French person, when they get to the veggies: “I eat ze little black circles” “The olives?” “Oui, olives in ze yellow sub, marine”

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