A guy walks into a fancy club and right past the bouncer.

When the bouncer tries to stop him, the guy says “let me through, I’m fucking rich.”

The bouncer, eager for a tip, lets him through. The guy proceeds right to the VIP section, past the ropes, and sits down at the best table.

The bouncer tries to stop him again, but the guy says “I can sit wherever I want, I’m fucking rich.” Again, the bouncer decides to let the guy sit down, still hoping for a big tip.

The guy then walks behind the bar, grabs the most expensive top-shelf bottle, and takes it back to his table. The bouncer, realizing that the owner will fire him for letting a guest grab such an expensive bottle, stops the guy a third time and says “I don’t care how wealthy you are, you can’t have that bottle.”

All the sudden a huge man, dwarfing the bouncer, taps him on the shoulder and tells the bouncer to let the guy keep the bottle.

Indignant at the bold statement, the bouncer replies “and who the hell are you?”


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