A guy walks into a diner with an ostrich.

The waitress comes up to take their order. The guy says, “I’ll have the fried mozarella sticks, triple bacon cheeseburger, and extra fries with chili and cheese on them.”

The waitress looks at the guy, stunned- he’s in great shape, and she’s amazed that he could eat like that and maintain his body.

The waitresses even more amazed when the ostrich opens its mouth and says “Me too!”

The waitress brings the food and is once again stunned as the man eats everything on his plate. She asks if they want dessert. The guy says “I’ll have chocolate cake and apple pie with a big bowl of ice cream.” And the ostrich says “Me too!”

The man, again, cleans his plate. The waitress can’t believe what she is seeing.

She brings the man the check. The man pulls out his wallet, and without even looking at the check or his wallet, pulls out exactly as much cash as he needs to pay the bill, plus a healthy 20% tip.

Finally the waitress can’t stay quiet any longer. “Excuse me sir…. I just have to say, this is been the most unusual meal that I’ve ever seen anyone have here.”

“Oh yeah,” says the man. “I guess it might seem pretty strange.”

“Strange?” says the waitress, “That was a huge meal, and you ate it all! But you’re so fit! And then you paid exactly what you needed to for the meal without even having to count it or even know how much it was! And, you have a talking ostrich! What in the world is going on?”

The man nods his head. “Well, a few weeks ago I was in an antique store and I found this old lamp. I rubbed it, and a genie appeared and told me I could have three wishes. So for the first wish, I wished that I could eat anything I want and always maintain a great body.”

“Wow, what a great wish!” she said.

“Then for my second wish, I wished that I would always have enough money in my wallet to pay for anything I would possibly want.”

“My goodness!”, she said. “That’s so smart! If you had wished for a million dollars, or ten million dollars, you might eventually run out of money, but with that wish you’ll never run out!”

There’s a long pause as she stares at the man.

Finally she says, “But why do you have a talking ostrich?”

The man sighs. ” I told the genie I wanted a chick with long legs who would agree with everything I said.”

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