A guy walks into a diner on the side of the road

The place is really old and messy, but he was hungry from the road so he sat at the table and ordered spaghetti with meatballs.

After a while the waitress gives him the order, and he saw a bunch of thick hairs on some of the meatballs.

He calls the waitress “Hey miss, there are a bunch of hairs in my food, I know it’s not supposed to be the cleanest place but what the hell?!”

The waitress apologizes, “I’m sorry sir, it’s just that our chef is a vet who lost his arm in Afghanistan, he’s a great cook and very creative so we let him work here, but since he only has one arm he has to shape them on his chest, and probably hairs that poke out stick to them.”

Suddenly a dude who sat nearly says:”If that’s your chef’s creativity then please cancel my order of donuts, I’m scared of how he makes the holes.”

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