A guy walks into a bar with his dog

A guy walks into a bar with his dog. The bartender says “you can’t have a dog in here!” The guy says, “this is a really smart dog. If I prove that to you, can we stay?” And the bartender says sure.

So the guy turns to the dog and says “What goes on top of a house?”

And the dog barks “Roof!”

And the bartender isn’t impressed but let’s him continue. The guy says “What does sandpaper feels like?”

The dog answers “Rough!”

The bartender is rolling his eyes at this point but gives the guy one last shot. The guy asks his dog “Who’s the best baseball player of all time?”

The dog replies “Ruth!”

The bartender is done and kicks them both out of the bar.

The guy and the dog are sitting there and the dog turns to the guy and says “I’m sorry, should I have said DiMaggio?”

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