A guy runs into the sperm bank with a mask and a gun…

“Hands up, lady!” he yells.

The woman behind the counter puts up her hands. “Sir! This isn’t a real bank! It’s a sperm bank!”

“Never mind that! Just open the vault! Now!”

So she does.

“Get in there! Grab one of them vials!” he says, waving the gun at her.

“But these are sperm samples!” she cries out.

“Just DO IT!” he says, cocking the gun at her.

So she picks up the sperm sample with shaking hands.

“Now chug it!” he says.

“Are you crazy!?” she replies, cringing.


So she gingerly pops the top off of it and swallows it down.

“Another one! Do it!”

She doesn’t want to, but the guy’s got a gun. Finally, after several more samples have gone down the hatch, he yanks the mask off. It’s her husband.

“See, honey?” he says. “Was that so goddamn difficult?”

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