A guy on his travels goes into a “locals” bar for a drink.

He goes and sits at the bar and orders a beer. While he’s drinking one of the locals stands up and shouts “18”, and everyone starts laughing. 10minutes later someone else stands up and shouts “21”, everyone laughs again. This happens a couple more times before curiosity get the better of the guy and he asks the barman what’s going on. The barman says “well, these are all locals who come here all the time, they tell each other the same jokes, so they decided just to give each joke a number, so now they just shout the number to save time. Why don’t you give it a go?” So the traveller thinks for a few seconds, stands up an shouts “98”. The locals go crazy, pissing them laughing, crying and rolling around on the floor in hysterics. The guys turns to the barman and says “what’s happening??”, the barman replies “they’ve not heard that one before”

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