A guy is sitting next to a beautiful girl on a train

A guy is sitting next to a beautiful girl on a train. During the journey the train goes through a tunnel so the whole train car turns dark. At the end of the tunnel, the girl stands up and starts screaming at the guy: “Get away from me, you pig! I wonder what your mom or your sister would think if they heard you say such filthy things to a woman! You’re disgusting!”. The guy is completely confused and embarassed, as all the other passengers are now giving him weird looks. The train goes through another tunnel. The girl gets close to the guy’s ear and whispers: “Sir, I’m so sorry about what just happened. I’m part of a team of psychologists, we’re running an experiment about how men react when they’re under pressure in public. It was all just a test”. As soon as the train is out of the tunnel the guy yells: “What? 100 bucks for a handjob? You gotta be kidding!”

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