A guy is out bow hunting…

… and while he’s peeking out from behind a bush, he feels a giant paw on his shoulder.

It’s a bear who says, “I won’t kill you if you get on your knees and blow me right now.”

The hunter is terrified so what could he do? He gives the bear head.

He feels humiliated and very angry as he plots his revenge. He comes back to the same area with a rifle and starts tracking the bear. He finds some tracks and eagerly follows them until he feels a paw on his shoulder.

“You know what to do,” says the Bear.

Back at home after the hunter uses a bottle of mouth wash and calms down a little he goes and buys all the latest hunting equipment.

He goes back out to the woods with his night vision goggles and a long range high power sniper rifle. He sets up a tree stand and puts out honey for bait. As he starts climbing up to the stand, he feel a paw on his shoulder.

“Ok buddy, I’m starting to think that you don’t come out here for the hunting.

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