A guy is at a urinal in a bar.

A guy is at a urinal in a bar. In walks a midget and uses the next one over. The guy, never having seen a midget this close, leans over and sneaks a peak. He sees a massive endowment. He looks at the midget and says, “I mean no disrespect but I snuck a peak and you are very well endowed. How is it such a short person has such a large member?” The midget replies”I’m a leprechaun and wished it upon myself.” The man asks if he could get that for himself. The leprechaun replies, “Yes, only thing is I’ll have to rail you from behind for it to work.” The guy thinks about it and says,”there are worse things out there to do, so okay.” So the guy gets on his hands and knees. The leprechaun is going at it for a while then asks, “what’s your name?” “Bobby” replies the guy. Leprechaun asks, “what’s your age?”. “28” replies bobby. Leprechaun then says, “well bobby, aren’t you a bit too old to be believing in leprechauns?”

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