A guy goes to the doctor

A guy goes to the doctor and tells him: “Listen, I felt a weird lump on one of my balls and all of a sudden it began tingling. Next day I wake up and I got a freakishly huge testicle and a regular one and I have no idea how it got like that.”

Doctor: “Well, let’s see it.”

Guy: “No way, you’re gonna laugh at it. Just give me some pills or something.”

Doctor: “Dude, I’m a doctor, I’ve seen all kinds of things. There’s no way I’d laugh at one of my patients.”

Guy: “You’re gonna laugh at it. I know it.”

The doctor insists he won’t and after some convincing the guy agrees to show him the swollen testicle. He unzips, reaches in with one hand, then the other, grabs it and begins pulling it out. It’s so large and heavy that even with both hands he struggles to put it on the table. The doctor takes one look at this misshapen, lumpy, mess and bursts out laughing.

Guy: “See! I fucking knew it! No way I’m showing you the swollen one!”

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