A guy goes to a party and meets a gorgeous girl on a wheel chair

They hit it off and by the end of the night they’re both really horny and she tells him to go to her place. When they arrive to the doorstep she grabs a duffel bag that was hidden behind a bush and instructs the guy to take her to the back of the house. The guy is a little weirded out, but he obligues. When they get there she starts undressing and pulls a harness out of the bag, instructing the guy to install it on the tree and help her to get “in position”. They have weird but awesome sex, and when they’re done he lifts her from the harness, sits her on the wheelchair and helps her get inside her home. As he is walking away the door opens again, and he sees the father of the girl calling him. He starts walking a little faster trying to get away from the angry dad, but he keeps calling him, and at the end he stops, bracing himself. The dad catches up to him, and tells him “Every Saturday morning I wake up to my naked daughter hanging from a tree, I just wanted to thank you for helping her get inside the house”

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