A guy gets out of jail.

With only $10 to his name and extremely horny, he heads to the local whorehouse. He pleads and begs the pimp for a $10 lay. Finally, the pimp says, “Look, for ten bucks, all I got for you is a chicken.” The guy is desperate so he agrees on fucking a chicken.

The guy enters a room and sure enough there’s a chicken. He has his way with the bird and leaves.

He manages to scrape up another $10 and returns to the pimp. “Do you have anything else besides the chicken?”, he asks. The pimp replies, “Well, we do have a show where you can just watch 2 people fucking”.

He takes that offer and enters a room with a large window and a couple of chairs. While watching the show he turns to the guy next to him and says, “this is a pretty good show for $10”. The guy next to him responds, “You should have seen the show yesterday. Some guy was fucking a chicken.”

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