A guy died and went to hell.

There he met the devil and the devil said, “you have been a bad person when you were alive, I’m gonna have you choose an activity behind these three doors and you have to do it for eternity.” The guy agreed. The devil opened door #1, and there was a young man tied up on a table being burned by fire. The guy told the devil, “I don’t want to do that.” The devil said okay and opened door #2, and there was a middle age man tied up to the wall and being whipped. The guy told the devil,” I don’t want to do this neither.” The devil said okay and opened the third and final door. In there was an old man being tied to a chair with a blonde giving him head. The guy told the devil,”yeah, I want this one.” The devil nodded, looked at the blonde and said,”Blondie you can go now I found your replacement.”

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