A guy buys a scratch ticket and wins 1,000,000 dollars…

Not wanting his wife or anyone to get it, he buries all of it, in cash, in his backyard.
The next morning he walks outside to see a gaping hole where he had buried it, and shoe prints leading to his deaf neighbor’s house.
He storms over to the house with a gun in his hand and kicks the door down.
The neighbor and his wife are sitting on the couch.
“Where’s my fucking money?! I’ll kill you if you don’t tell me!”
He points the gun at the neighbor, and demands that his wife translate into sign language.
She signs to him what was said, and he signs back, “Tell him I buried it by that big cherry tree down the street.”
His wife looks at the gun-toting neighbor, and says,
“He said, ‘Fuck you, I’d rather die'”

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