A guy bought a motorcycle

A guy was looking to buy a vintage motorcycle and he finally finds one in pristine condition, almost like it just came out of the factory. He is thrilled and immediately pays for it. Before leaving he asks the old man selling it how he kept it in such a good condition.

The old man says: “whenever I saw that it was about to rain, I applied this to all the metal parts to protect them” and hands him a vaseline. The guy thanks him, puts the vaseline in his jacket pocket and rides the motorcycle to meet his girlfriend.

He wants to go for a ride but she reminds him that today they have plans to have dinner with her parents for the first time. They arrive at the house and just as they are about to ring the doorbell the girlfriend stops and tells him:

“Before we go in I just have to tell you one thing, in my house we’ve always had 1 rule, whoever speaks while at the dinner table has to wash the dishes.”

He nods thinking it’s no big deal and they ring the doorbell. As soon as the door opens they are greeted by a stench of moss/rot like no other he’s ever experienced. The parents and the girlfriend seem to ignore it but once inside, every inch of the place is full of unwashed dishes, piles of them! In the sides of the hallway, on the small table, in every corner and damn, the kitchen is practically a maze of unwashed dishes!

The parents lead them to the dining room where it appears to be the only room appearing normal. After a little small talk they sit at the dinner table and the mother brings the food and says “time for lunch” and with that, complete silence followed.

The guy finished his lunch first and thought he’d mess with their stupid rule so he started fondling his girlfriend, kissing her neck and undressing her to which he only received puzzled looks from his girlfriend and furious ones from her parents but none of them said a word, so he proceeded to put her on the table and have sex with her in front of them.

After he was done he lit a cigarette, still not a word from anyone so he started checking out her mother, still very attractive despite her age, so he approached her and started doing the same, his girlfriend was silently sobbing, her father was about to explode but still, not a single word!

After he was done and as he lit another cigarette he looked out the window and saw dark clouds and remembered the old man’s advice so he reached in the jacket pocket and took out the vaseline, at which point the father jumped from his seat and yelled:


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