A group of robbers decided to target a bank

Upon breaking into the bank, they realise they have entered into the safety deposit section. Surrounded by safes, they excitedly crack and break open the first one.

Looking into the safe, they discover it only contains a single item: one small cup of vanilla pudding.

Puzzled by their discovery, the robbers come to the conclusion that the pudding was probably made from extremely expensive ingredients so they decide to eat the pudding together and move onto the next safe.

Upon cracking and breaking open the next safe, the robbers look inside and discover yet another small cup of vanilla pudding. They are puzzled but decide to eat it as well.

After breaking into the rest of the safes and finding only vanilla pudding repeatedly, the robbers leave the bank full but confused and frustrated at the lack of jewellery and money found.

The next day, they saw the news channels report their crime.


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