A great looking, young blonde is living in an old, badly mainentanced appartment with 3 neighbours.

One of them is a notorious gambler, one a passionate gardener and one lost his eyesight several years ago. They are very nice to her so one day she decides to pray for them in the hope of granting them a better life.

The next day she is taking a shower, when she hears someone knocking at the door.

So she is grabbing her bathrobe, steps out of the shower, puts it on and opens the door.

It is the gambler who is absolutely ecstatic in joy. He tells her “I won the lottery and am super rich now!” She is happy for him, they talk for a bit and then he takes a leave after telling her he will move to a villa tomorrow.

The next week she is showering again, when someone knocks at the door. Same procedure, she puts on the bathrobe and opens the door. This time it is the gardener, who tells her that he won a prize with one of his lettuces. He is also going to move to a bigger appartment. They talk for a while and the gardener leaves.

Another week later someone knocks again while the lady is showering. Since every other neighbour moved out, she expects the blind man. Knowingly she opens the door without a bathrobe on.

The blind man, crying in joy lets her know.

“It is a miracle, I can see again.”

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