A gorilla dies at the Zoo…

Just before the zoo opens. It’s the only gorilla that that the zoo can afford, and it was by a large margin, the zoo’s most popular attraction, so the owner goes to the former gorilla keeper and offers him an extra $300 every day if he’ll put on a gorilla suit, go in the gorilla exhibit, and pretend to be a gorilla until the zoo can replace the deceased gorilla.

After a bout a week, word catches on that the gorilla has been acting more and more interesting, and people are coming in from all over the state to see the new gorilla. The zoo is getting more and more money, and due to this the former gorilla keeper asks for a raise of $200 more dollars a day to keep up the act. The zoo owner agrees, so long as the patronage keeps up.

Come another month, the interest in the gorilla has started to wear off, and the former keeper gets word. He creates an elaborate stunt to get more patrons and keep up his raise, by climbing over the enclosures fences, and climbing on top of the lions den. After dangling above the den for a good half hour, the man gets tired and slips into the den, and starts shouting “Help me! Help me I don’t want to die!”, Quickly a lion pounces on him and whispers in his ear “Shut the fuck up before you get us both fired!”.

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