A gorgeous blonde is trying to board a city bus…

but her dress is so tight, it won’t allow her to lift her leg high enough to reach the first step. She reaches back and unzips the dress a few inches to allow more flexibility. She tries again, but it still isn’t enough. She unzips a little more, starting to worry that she’ll give the people behind her a show, but it still isn’t enough. She reaches back and unzips a third time, but before she can try the step a man behind her gently wraps his arms around her waist and lifts her onto the bus. She turns around, “What gives you the right to hug me!?!?!” and launches into a tirade about the oppression of women by the patriarchy. The man calmly waits for her to finish and replies, “Well, sweetheart, after you undid my fly for the third time, I figured we were close enough friends for me to lift you on to the bus!”

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