A girl brings her new fiance home to meet her parents for the very first time.

So a girl brings her new fiancee home to meet her parents. Boy looks like a hipster (scarf, big bushy beard, etc.) Understandably, her father would like to know the boy better and so he takes him to his study for a private conversation.

Dad: “So, John. What do you do for a living?”

Fiancee: “Well, I’m an artist.”

D: “So you’re doing well?”

F: “I paint, and god provides me with all I need to live.”

So the dad is a bit confused.

D: “And what will you do when you marry my daughter? Will your art provide for the two of you?”

F: “I will paint, and god will provide for us.”

D: “And when you have kids?”

F: “I will paint, and god will provide for my family.”

The dad nods and walks out of the study. Outside, his daughter is anxiously waiting for him.

Daughter: “So, daddy? What’d you think of him? He’s great, isn’t he?”

“Well, sweetie,” says the father, “I don’t like his job choice. But, on the other hand, I LOVE what he calls me!”

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