A German, Japanese and Italian soldier are captured by the British during WW2 and are detained in a POW camp

First they interrogate the German. He gave up the information they needed somewhat easily, just after a few minutes of torture. He returned to the other prisoners feeling ashamed and disheartened.

Next was the Japanese soldier. He was more resilient than the German, it took the Brits several hours of torture before he surrendered the information they wanted. He returned to the other prisoners ashamed and having dishonoured his country.

Finally was the Italian. They tortured him for endless hours and hours but he just wouldn’t talk. The Brits eventually gave up and sent him back the other prisoners. Intrigued as to how he was able to withstand so much torture, the other prisoners asked him how he did it.

He replied, “How was I meant to talk? I had my hands tied behind my back.”

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