A genie offers three wishes to a man who discovers his lamp.

“You have three wishes, mortal. Whether they bestow good or ill upon you I cannot say. What is it that you require?” The genie said all of this in a deep, booming voice as he hovered several feet above the man.

“Well, okay. I guess I’d like a camera to look into.”

The genie, though surprised, snaps his fingers.

“I also wish… that people would be really gullible.”

The genie then glares at the man for a moment, wondering why he would possibly ask for such a thing, before snapping and granting his second wish.

“Okay, good. Now I wish for a big container of updog.”

The genie, upon hearing this, becomes very puzzled.

“What is updog?”

“Nothing much, you?”

looks at camera

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