A genie meets a clitoris

“It’s been a long time since a clitoris has rubbed the lamp,” he says, “so I’m going to give you an extra wish. You have 4 wishes. Use them well.”

“I’m tired of being small,” said the clitoris. “I wish to grow an inch.”

“granted” said the genie ” use your second wish you well”

” I wish to grow another inch” said the clitoris.

“I wouldn’t call wishing for the same thing twice a good use of a wish” said the genie, “but granted.”

“thank you,” said the clitoris “I wish to grow another inch”

“You wished for the same thing three times in a row and it’s getting annoying” send the genie “for your fourth wish you have to wish for something different.”

“All right,” said the clitoris. She pauses for a moment, then says “I wish to grow 2 inches.”

“Granted,” said the genie, “but now you’re a real dick.”

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