A General flies in to a remote base in Afghanistan

The chopper kicks up clouds of sand as it lands just outside of the base. A sergeant runs up to the chopper to meet the general. After exchanging greetings they begin their walk-through of the camp.

Everything appears to be in order as they inspect every portion of the camp. Until they reach one ten,t which much to the general’s surprise, houses a large camel.

The general turns to the sergeant and asks, “What in the hell is a camel doing here?” The sergeant replies, “Well sir we are very remote, and as you know men get lonely and have physical needs. The camel is here for when they just can’t go without any longer.”

The general was disgusted, but if it kept morale up and kept the men from going stir crazy then he would continue to allow it.

After a couple of weeks the general was still doing fine and hardly thought about the camel’s existence. After a couple more weeks, he started to get some urges built up. After a few more weeks all he could think about was that camel in the tent until finally he commanded the sergeant to take him to the tent at once.

After doing the dirty deed he walked triumphantly out of the tent zipping up his pants. “Well sergeant, is that how you boys do it out here?” He bellowed. The sergeant replied, “Well actually sir they usually just ride the camel into the town ten miles out.”

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