A friendly fishing trip.

Dave is an avid fisherman, one day Gary, an openly gay friend of Dave’s, invited Dave on a week long fishing trip that he was planning with a group of other friends.
Dave was reluctant to go for such a long time with people he didn’t know, but his love of fishing and Gary’s friendly encouragement of beer, wooden cabins and a beautiful lake, convinced Dave to go.
Dave enjoyed the days fishing, drinking and socializing with the rest of the party, who turns out were also all homosexuals.
On the second day Dave was really enjoying himself and the company, telling stories and drinking beer, that is, until he learned that the other men had planned an orgy for the evening.
Dave had always been a bit curious, and he was rather lonely and drunk, so he decided to give it a shot. Lo-and-behold Dave discovered that he enjoyed the company of men, even more physically then he did before while on the boats, Gary especially. The morning after Dave was sore and sweaty. He went up to Gary and asked if he knew about the orgy before inviting him.
Gary confessed that he had planned the whole trip to woo Dave and let him be comfortable enough to be himself.
Gary had succeeded in seducing Dave, and Dave fell for it hook line and sphincter.

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