A freshly minted U.S Army lieutenant is assigned to a base in Afghanistan

A freshly minted U.S. Army lieutenant is assigned to a base in Afghanistan. He walks around the base and sees everything is regulation except there’s a camel tied to a tree on the edge of the camp.

The lieutenant asks one of the men who has been there awhile why there’s a camel. The soldier explains sometimes they get lonely since there were no woman there, so they have the camel.

The lieutenant is appalled but being new he just lets it go.

After a few weeks he was feeling very lonely. So he takes the camel into his tent. It takes quite a bit of effort but finally he walks out, bruised and battered, but satisfied.

“Wow,” he says to the men, “that camel sure put up a fight! How do you guys do it?”

One of the men responded, “Well usually we just use the camel to ride into town.”

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